Inclusivity Statement

I have the utmost respect for everyone and I am aware of many of the ways my white skin affords me privilege. My hope is that my shop, my booth, and my person are a safe place for black, indigenous, people of colour, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people. This means that if a white person makes a racist comment in my presence, I will stand up for you. If a dyer uses racist language to name a colourway, I will ask them to change it. I make my shop and my booth accessible to people of all abilities. If you see me use language or express myself in a way that hurts others, please call me out on it. My knowledge is evolving and my learning is on-going, so expect this statement to change and improve.


If you order multiple times before I have a chance to ship to you, I will combine your orders (if you want) and refund any overpayment of shipping costs.

International customers are responsible for any duty or customs fees. Items will be marked as merchandise with the appropriate value.

All prices in my shop are in US dollars. Pricing in US dollars allows me to remain competitive without the need to constantly adjust my prices to take into account the fluctuating Canadian dollar. If I priced my yarn in Canadian, instead of $30 for a skein of self-striping, the price would be $40.


All items are shipped as skeins and ready-to-ship, unless otherwise marked, and will be mailed (within 4 days of purchase) see below.

**Update to shipping: During the covid-19 pandemic, shipping will happen only once per week to limit contact at the post office. Packages will be mailed on Mondays or Tuesdays until social distancing protocols have ended. Also, Canadian and US postal services are very busy right now. The shipping time expectations below are no longer accurate. Some packages are taking up to 5 weeks to arrive.

Canadian addresses: Untracked, lettermail shipping is $2.50 USD per skein, up to $10.00 (or four skeins), anywhere in Canada. Any package containing five skeins or more will go by tracked Expedited Parcel (1 to 7 business days). There are some areas in Canada, mainly in BC, were an Expedited Parcel is less than $10.00, and I'll send by whichever method is least expensive, refunding any overpayment of shipping costs to you. This reduced cost shipping method involves vacuum sealing your yarn so it's flat. The yarn will puff right up again once you take it out of the bag.

If you want tracked shipping, contact me before you purchase and I can arrange for you to pay an adjusted shipping fee based on your postal code.

American addresses:You get to choose which Canada Post method your package will ship. The slowest, most inexpensive method is Small Packet USA Air (5 to 8 business days) and it does not include tracking. Slightly faster and more expensive, but with tracking, is Tracked Packet USA (4 to 7 business days). Similar speed and tracking, but more expensive is Expedited Parcel USA (4 to 7 business days). And lastly, the fastest method with tracking, and the most expensive, is Xpresspost USA (2 to 3 business days).

International addresses: You, likewise, get to choose which Canada Post method your package will ship. The absolutely slowest and least expensive, but only by a little, is Small Packet International Surface or International Parcel Surface (28 to 84 business days) and those are not tracked. A bit faster and still affordable is Small Packet International Air (6 to 10 business days), but it also not tracked - this is the method I recommend you choose. If you want speed and tracking, then you're going to want to choose Tracked Packet International (6 to 10 business days). If you want your package to arrive quickly and with tracking, you'll want to select Xpresspost International (4 to 7 business days).

Wholesale Orders

Right now, I'm dyeing yarn part-time and working full-time, so I'm not able to accommodate any additional wholesale requests. There might be an opportunity for me to accept wholesale orders in the future, so if you'd like to be notified, please don't hesitate to email me.


If you have a problem once your order is delivered, please do contact me. I want to do my best to make sure you're happy with what you receive.


Please hand wash projects made with my yarn in cold water. I take care to properly rinse yarn after dyeing, but sometimes weird things happen, and a small amount of bleeding might occur, especially with pinks/purples/bright greens. With colours like that, I recommend using a couple of colour catchers in the water. I use these ones from London Drugs, and I've heard that these ones from Amazon work well for those of you in the US.

Colourcombo vs Colourway

When I open up custom pre-orders, there is sometimes confusion between a colourcombo and a colourway. A colourcombo is what I call the, usually, four-colour digital image I post every morning on Instagram. A colourway is yarn that I've dyed a specific colour (see my colourways page). Not all colourcombos become colourways. I produce about 30-ish new colourways a year, but I release 365 new colourcombos a year.


A Curio is what I call my studio seconds. It's a skein that either didn't turn out with the colours I intended, or has a blemish, or is on a base I don't normally use. The Curio description will let you know exactly what the problem is. Curios are always sold at a discount, and will go into my shop with a bit of notice. They are one-of-a-kind and when I add Curios to an update, they sell pretty quick due to the rare nature of the colourways.