About Me

Who is mudpunch?

I am! My name is Chantel and I started dyeing yarn in 2015 on the westcoast of Canada because I LOVE colour. No, really. I mean it. I love colour and want to spend all my time playing with it. I’ve read books on colour, taken classes on colour theory, even thought about changing my name to Rainbow Princess... but that's a story for another time.

So, how does that affect you? Well, I’m always experimenting, trying to find those perfect colours and shades that really speak to people. That bright pink with just a touch of fluorescent peach hiding behind it. A dusky, desaturated green with hints of gray and blue. You know what I mean. And then I add those colours to yarn that you can buy and play with yourself.

But what does mudpunch mean?

Mudpunch is a term I came up with when I was a little girl. As someone with a slight entrepreneurial bend, I would often sell things I made around the neighbourhood. Sometimes it was lemonade, sometimes pictures I drew. I even started a newspaper that I sold at the bus stop outside my house. My parents finally got tired of supplying me with free materials, saying I needed to buy them myself when I came up with my next great idea. So, without a penny in my pocket, I looked around at what I could sell that was free. I had a hose full of water, some cups leftover from my last lemonade stand, some cotton batting I was using to stuff doll beds with, and.... Dirt, because plain water is boring. So I put some dirt on the cotton batting, and put the cotton batting over a cup, and poured the water through it, and lo, mudpunch was born. And the neighbourhood kids bought it and gave me my start-up funds for my next venture.

I decided to use the name mudpunch a few years ago because I felt like it referenced my entrepreneurial past and had a funny story attached to it. It's really got nothing to do with yarn, or knitting, but it's unique and memorable, right?