4-Colour Self-Striping

Ambitious Apiary

Big Hello Taxi

Black, White, Read All Over

Blame It on the Elf

Blush Revisited

Business Carrots

Cauldron Bubble

Ceremonial Blooms

Champagne at Midnight

Cross-Checked Bison

Disco Overload

Double Fog Dare

Feather Anthem

Festival of Lights

First Fruits

Flirting with Thereafter

Fresh Like Butter Mint

Goblin Squats

Good for Great

Herb Your Enthusiasm

Horny Lady Bee Killers

Little Spruce Coupe

Mellow Brick Road

Never Swear Us a Tart

Octopus Blossom

Odd Fish Codfish

Oh My Gourd!

Only Wishful Thinking

Peaches for Tree

Quartz Fingers

Raspberry Charade

Rootbeer Groove

Show Me the Honey

Sleigh My Name

Snug as a Bug

Space Opera

Tofu Run

Vintage Moon

Whiter Shade of Kale



6-Colour Self-Striping

All the Jingle Ladies

April Jewels

The Art of Bush Manipulation


Buncombe Village

Californian Graffiti

Carnival of Curiosity

Chromatic Hope

Clouds of Glitter

Cold as Dice

Crystal Mirror

Dagmar Goes to Shetland

Delicate Clouds

Echo Beach

Electric Avenue

Fake Plastic Trees

Forget Me Not Jam

Gingerbread Rock

Gothic vs Romantic

Grass Menagerie

Harmony Rainbow

How Peep Is Your Love

I Kissed a Seal

I'm Bringing Hexies Back

Indigo Sabotage

Iris from Outer Space

Kaleidoscope Highs

Little Tink Houses

Meet Me at St Moritz

Mermaid Bubbles

Millennial Splendour

Morphean Amulet

Mrs Hudson Took My Skull

Nautical Disaster

Never Tell Me the Odds

Omnipotent Princess

Paradise Alpha

Pitch Black Neon

Poppy Wax

Prawn Swanson

Purple Grain

Rainy Clay

Red Green Jolly

Secondary Crush

Speaking of Witch

Sugar Plum Merry

Tainted Glove

This Is My Art & It Is Dangerous

Tree Goddess

Unicorn Grift