4-Colour Self-Striping

A Carrot for Anne

A Cat Named Hibiscus

A Little Late for Halloween

Acrobat Peach

All Hail Me

Alpine Purr

Ambitious Apiary

Aquatic Bee Keeping

Atomic Diner

Banana Rave

Bang On!

Barcelona Gothic

Beachside Property

Beachy Keen-o


Bijoux de la Mer

Black-Hearted Brimstone

Black, White, Read All Over v.1

Black, White, Read All Over v.2

Botanic Lament

Broken Bells

Build It Up

Butterfly Bacchanal

Butterfly Wings

Calm in the Night

Caramel Arch

Celestial Sphere

Champagne at Midnight

Charming Attic

Circle the Fringes

Citrus Kettle

Clementine Cafe

Clockwork Clematis

Cold Dark Cavern

Computer Rock

Concrete Bed

Confidence, Girl

Cool Mint Breeze

Crayon Clouds

Cross-Checked Bison

Crystal Vault

Dahlia Decade

Dancing the Manta Ray

Darkly Nurtured Dreams

Deer Fest '98

Denim Landscape

Desert Glacier

Dig for Fire

Dust on the Water

Eldest Blue

Enchanted Forest

Exile in Girlville

Extreme Points of Earth

Feather Anthem

Fireworks of Curiosity

Fjord Focus

Flight of the Flamingos

Forest Magic

Foxy Mantra

Full Moon Break

Gemstone Grotto


Gnarly Gnome

Gold Dust Gown

Good for Great

Grape Disaster

Halcyon Days

Harris Hudson

Hazy Rain

Heart Factory

Heirloom of Darkness

Herbal Soother

Highly Evolved

High Voltage Umbrella

Hissing Fauna

Hotwax Caravan

Ice Cream Boom

Icy Imp

I Fought Piranhas

Indigo Mermaid

In Particular


Irresistible Bliss

Ivy Wild

Jammy Trousers

Jawbreaker Jinx

Jelly Time

Juicy Cute

Julie Loves Her Scum

Jurassic Fantastic

Just Like a Circus

Kimono Mouse

Last Splash

Lesa's X-ray Mind

Life in a Glass House

Literary Device

Little Cream Soda

Local Motion

Look at the Stars

Lounge Act

Lovely Dovely

Maddening Cloud

Made of Stone

Maritime Brine

Marshmallow Witch

Mechanical Tyrannical

Medieval Bubblegum

Midsummer Mellow

Miss Muffet's Kingdom

Misty Mountains

Monster Hospital

Monstera Mash

Moonlight Safari

Mount Joy

Naked in the City

Octopus Blossom

Only Wishful Thinking

Peekaboo Pony

Pink Salt Bliss

Plastic Factory

Plenty of Preppy

Plum Disco

Polarized Suitcase

PomPom Parade

Quiet Branching Out

Rabbit in Your Headlights

Ramshackle Beatbox

Raspberry Charade

Rebel Blueprint

Rose Coloured Sashes

Rubber Ducky Troubadour

Ruby Critical

Rugby Peek

Sci-Fi Wasabi

Seagulls & French Fries

Sea Urchin Zodiac

Sentimental Mood

Shady Lane

Sherbet Outlook

Shot Through the Heart

Sidewalk Stickies

Silly Old Bear

Snapdragon Ran

Snowflake On My Tongue

Starship Super Boost

Steady on My Mind

Strawberry Parasol

Streak of Midnight

Sugar Free Jazz

Sun Zooming In

Sunshine Underground

Sweet Potato Sky

Sweet Prickle Thorn

Tangerine Steam

Teenager of the Year

Tender Platinum Town

Ten Percenter

Thimble Jellyfish

Thought Experiment

Tigers in a Cage

Time of Your Life

Tofitian Tombola

Tofu Run

Treat You Like Tundra

Twisted Empire

Universal Heartbeat

Velvet Pants

View Askew

Waiting for the Moon to Rise

Wallpaper Parapet

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Whiskey Clone

Wintermint Candy

Zebra Sunshine


6-Colour Self-Striping

Baby Rainbow

Century Beat

Delicate Clouds

Dirty Rainbow

Dragon Surfer

Emotional Lilac

Empire Strikes Back: Never Tell Me the Odds

Fruity Passion

Ghostbusters: Dogs and Cats Living Together

Goth Rainbow

Harmony Rainbow

Hocus Pocus:
A Virgin Lit the Candle

Jewel Bright Rainbow

Knot Braid Loop

The Mandalorian:
Wherever I Go, He Goes

Monsters, Inc:

mudpunch rainbow

Neon Pastel Rainbow

Paradise Alpha

Teeth as White As Snow

Pottery Poetry

Psychedelic Cascade

Roller Skates & Leg Warmers

Sandy Rainbow

Sherlock: Mrs Hudson Took My Skull

Stranger Things:
Curiosity Voyage

Succulent Symphony

Thor Ragnarok: He's a Friend from Work

Tree Goddess

Verdant Creeper


Speckle Self-Striping

Bravo Android

Carbon Sprinkles

Cat's Pyjamas

Classic Queen

The Mayor of Shark City

Jumble Math

The Life Aquatic:
Unpaid Intern

Outrageous Flirtation

Peacock Notation

Schitt's Creek:
I've Had Caroline for 40 Years

Storm in the Jungle

Super Villan Masquerade

Tubular Wave

Violet Bouquet

The Wizard of Oz:
Lions & Tigers & Bears

Wynonna Earp:
It's Always Demons


Speckle Sock Sets

Army of One

Blue Eyed Hex

Crowded West

Divine Hammer

Flicker Time

Neon Cowboy

Pink Little Stars

Rain Showers

Scatter Brain

Trying to Be Cool





Speckles and Bits Sets

Army of Me

Blue Eyed Hex

Cloud on My Tongue

Happiness Is a Warm Dog

Scatter Brain

Slumber Queen

Trying to Be Cool